Why Hollywood should stop being Political


Nicholas S

While the entertainment industry has always had some political stuff going on, political activity massively increased after the 2016 Election. Photo by Nicholas Scoggins

Nicholas Scoggins, Staff Reporter

A troubling trend that has been growing recently is the politicisation of all forms of entertainment.  Whether it be movies, TV shows or even during a sports event, it is impossible to find an escape from the chaos that is politics of the 2020s. Here are several reasons why this is a bad trend.


The first reason is that entertainment expands the political conflict into our everyday lives. We should use entertainment to destress ourselves, not bring the political stress into our living rooms. By politicizing every form of entertainment, that means we are being exposed to political conflict during all waking hours of our lives. This can have a disastrous effect on our psyche, as it perpetuates a constant seize mentality that never lets us be at ease.


The second reason is due to its inherent nature of arguing for a political cause, politicized entertainment will inevitably anger one side of the political spectrum. This can lead to the angered side being alienated since their “entertainment” is actively trying to preach to them. This can also be bad for the entertainment industry, for if someone gets mad at a show, they will just stop watching it, thereby cutting off revenue for the business that runs the show.


The third reason is much of the time, regardless of whether being left or right-wing, the entertainment industry is simply wrong on the subject material or is not telling the full-story. A good example of this was when actress Jane Fonda starred in a propaganda video for the North Vietnamese denouncing the American intervention in Vietnam. While she and hundreds of other celebrities denounced the American intervention as imperialist and accused American troops of war crimes, they actively ignored the horrific atrocities committed by Communist forces. These crimes included the murder of thousands of innocent people in the city of Hue during the Tet Offensive, forcing unwilling villagers to fight for them and the violation of the neutrality of the countries of Laos and Cambodia. This example of ignorance by entertainers is only one of many times the industry has ignored the full story and instead put forth a false-portrayal of word affairs.


My final reason is that entertainers live lifestyles that are far different from the average American and they should keep their opinions to themselves.  Entertainers live far different lifestyles than the average working-class American and thus they should take that into account before they share their opinion on Twitter.


The lesson to be learned here is that only you are responsible for your political beliefs, regardless of what they are. The entertainment industry in the end is just to entertain us, not act as an elite ruling class dictating their political opinions through every platform we view.