President Trump’s case to win back the White House

An overview of President Trump’s journey in proving mass election fraud


Shealah Craighead

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump in the White House.

Dayna Ung, Staff Reporter

The ongoing 2020 election has, and will be one of the most memorable elections we’ve had in a long time. Whether that memory will be pleasant or dreadful, that’s up to the individual. And it doesn’t seem to be over yet.  President Donald Trump has been relentless with the idea of mass election fraud. Will he find the evidence needed to prove such a malicious act? Is the fraud widespread enough to turn the tides of the election’s outcome?

President Trump has filed many lawsuits since Election Day. One of them, according to the National Public Radio, was a case in Pennsylvania against their extended deadlines for mail-in-ballots, as well as, for observers to be able to stand closer to ballot counting activities. Although many major news media organizations predict President Trump’s failure in many state cases, a column in The Independent believes this is one case President Trump should be able to win. Before the pandemic hit, Pennsylvania had passed a law allowing mail-in-ballots as long as they arrived by 8 p.m. on the day of the election. The Independent explains that the court in Pennsylvania did not have a right to change the deadline to 5  p.m. on Nov. 6 as the rights fell to the legislature. Although Pennsylvania was a key state in Biden’s victory, winning Pennsylvania would not have been enough for President Trump to achieve his goal.

Another major lawsuit according to NPR, took place in Michigan in order to push back the result certification. At the moment, President Trump has not gained any ground in this case and the judges said the Trump team did not have a sufficient amount of evidence.

In Arizona, President Trump filed a case related to the use of Sharpies, which makes a person’s vote invalid. The case was lost due to the reasoning that there was no evidence to this argument. One America News brings compelling reasons for the use of Sharpies in the election. They attest that Dominion technology is programmed to not read any ballots with “anomalies”, or mistakes. They argue that purposefully giving voters Sharpies allows other people to go back on the ballots and enter them manually, picking and choosing what ballots are registered and counted. 

Continuing on with One America News’ statement, they said the Dominion technology can be found in key swing states known to turn an election. In Texas, the technology was tested extensively and rejected due to it being “fragile and error prone.”

The last two important cases were in Georgia and Nevada. Both were dismissed by the court due to lack of evidence.

The Trump administration refuses to give up just yet in their fight for the presidency and democracy. While some people admire his perseverance, others view him as unable to admit defeat. However, President Donald Trump believes that it is his duty as president to uphold the Constitution and ensure a fair election. 

On Nov. 19, President Trump’s team of lawyers held a news conference regarding their cases to this election. His team consisted of three incredibly accomplished people: Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis. While they are unable to reveal their evidence and witnesses to the general public, they claim to have found a sufficient amount of evidence proving that President Trump is the winner of the 2020 election.

The team compiled hundreds of signed affidavits, a person’s witness counted as evidence in court, from people who are willing to risk their lives to make the claim of what they have seen throughout the election that proves fraud. In the news conference, the three lawyers provided an opening statement to what their case in court will entail.

They indicated that the cases they have made in states were merely to stop the certification of results until after they have presented their case to the Supreme Court of the United States. 

However, recently, Sidney Powell has been cut off from President Trump’s team of elite lawyers. According to the Washington Post, Powell has shifted focus in the public’s point of view. As she used to be a highly regarded lawyer with wits and skill, she is now thought of by people as a conspiracy theorist. Has she lost her edge, or has she found evidence for the worst crime America could possibly commit?

Powell has made declarations that Dominion shared ties with Hugo Chavez, former President of Venezuela, which allowed Dominion to set up a system able to control votes. After this claim was made, President Trump’s team separated themselves from her. While some believe she had gone too far, even for President Trump, others believe it is part of a strategy to give Powell more freedom. Dominion’s public statement against these claims state that to achieve such a mass fraud, they would have to do it with thousands of people’s consent, involving different organizations, high ranking officials, and several other companies.

According to the New York Times, one of the groups supporting Powell is QAnon, a conspiracy theorist group who supports President Trump. While QAnon has extreme ideas, they have a large following and support Powell in her case in favor of President Trump.

Powell’s claims, according to BBC News, has led to an internet surge of people preparing for her evidence, otherwise known as the “release of the kraken.” Many are skeptical that any proper evidence will be revealed, while others believe that Powell could almost independently save a corrupt election.

Although major news media organizations continue to insist the Trump team does not have any real proof, these three proficient lawyers claim to have well grounded evidence.

While the lawyers can’t release their evidence to the public as of right now, there are many factors available to the public that sets the stage for fraud. For example, with the events of the pandemic, mail-in ballots create a more vulnerable environment. This makes it much easier to manipulate the results of an election.

Another example would be the significantly larger number of voters in comparison to the 2016 election. This year, NPR says that voters broke the record with over 93 million early votes, which is nearly twice as many as 2016. Town and Country Magazine states that the country has not seen a higher voter turnout percentage wise since the 1900 election. This large turnout  has left many to question the election’s transparency. Others believe the large turnout was the American people’s choice to remove President Trump as president.

As the days go on, an increasing number of people are stepping up to testify about their witness of fraud occurring. According to Real America’s Voice, a truck driver described his experience transporting New York mail-in ballots, for some unknown reason and directed by his supervisor, all the way to Pennsylvania. He also contends that his trailer full of votes was stolen at night. Another woman on Real America’s Voice, who is an avid Trump supporter testified that she saw someone disregarding a Trump ballot after opening the sealed envelope. 

While no solid evidence has been presented to the general public, the incidents that have been reported should be enough to require further investigation. With this knowledge, many look forward to hearing updates as the fast approaching convening of the electoral college on Dec.14. 

As many people continue to follow the media for Sidney Powell and President Trump’s evidence, the question remains: Will this be a ripple in this vast ocean, or will we see the release of the kraken?