Don’t shave November away

Kelly Rosenblatt, Editor in Chief

November marks the beginning of the month-long “No Shave November” program, a theme that is taken on at a national level, by men and women alike. Originally a movement for prostate cancer awareness, the cause has gained female participants over the years as well. No Shave November is just one of the many awareness movements that sweep the nation almost monthly. Movements like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Pink Out challenge for breast cancer awareness, and more, are all successful in encouraging the public to be aware of various diseases and hardships that people around us suffer from. However, recently I have found myself wondering if it’s all really worth it.

I am someone who is very passionate about volunteering and helping those in need in whatever way I can. However, these movements that happen every once in a while seem slightly counterproductive to me. First of all, many of these movements have challenges that people are required to complete instead of donating money. While I appreciate the challenges and the awareness that they bring to the public, I think the best thing to do for someone in need is to give them the resources to get help, i.e. make a donation. Society can talk about these awareness movements until they’re blue in the face, but no real change is going to take place in a victim’s life until a cure is found or a solution is devised, which can require millions of dollars in research costs.

Another flaw that I have found in these awareness operations is that although they are very intense for a short period of time, in around a month, people have completely forgotten about the cause, and have moved on to the next thing in their lives. The intensity of these movements is inspirational for a while, but once they die down, it’s as if the cause is forgotten. I think it’s important for society to always be aware, not just of one particular disease,  but all sorts of conditions that people across the country struggle with on the daily.

This November, whether you’re a guy or a girl, participation in No Shave November is your choice. However, I think it’s best not to neglect the other causes worth fighting for in this world. Try sharing information about issues close to your heart, and serve the causes that matter to you. The only way to create change is to support and encourage it to take place. Take the steps necessary to fight whatever problem is inhibiting you or someone you love, whether it’s making a donation, or providing hands-on assistance to those in need. It’s not always about being a part of a mass movement, sometimes we can make the greatest difference by personally getting involved in a cause that directly affects us or those we love.