Advice to Next Year’s Juniors

Junior year is tough yet fun. Looking back on my 11th grade experience there are things I wish I would have done and things I wish I didn’t do. If you’re as nervous as I was entering junior year, these tips can help you make a smooth transition from underclassman to upperclassman.

1) Don’t procrastinate: Sure, you’ve been hearing this advice since you entered high school, but you’ve always managed to get by doing your homework at PIT. However, junior year is not the time to mess around. Colleges pay extra attention to your junior year transcripts.

2) Start studying for the SAT or ACT, now: I know it’s summer. Who wants to study? But junior year can be so busy that you will be glad if you start reviewing when you have free time. I would recommend The Official SAT Study Guide and the Kaplan ACT 2014 Premier.

3) Take advantage of college visits: All juniors get two excused absences to visit colleges. Use these days. The best way to see if a college is right for you is to go see it in person.

4) Build good relationships with your teachers: Next year you’ll have to ask a teacher to write your college recommendation letter. If you want to use one of your teachers from a past year, stop by their classroom during the year, continue building a good relationship with them. If you want to ask a teacher you have junior year for a recommendation, go to their tutorials.  Tutorials give you one on one time with a teacher and when students attend tutorials it shows teachers that they are engaged and hardworking.