Senioritis, or in Other Words… Why Am I Here?

Ramie Ruble, Editor-in-Chief

Second semester of senior year is definitely the most evil thing ever.  I mean… do we really need it?  I’ve already been accepted to college.  I’m just killing time until I get out of this place.  But I’ve still got to put in this thing called “effort.”  And get good grades.  Ugh.  It’s just so exhausting.  Truthfully, I would rather take a nap or peruse the internet instead of doing actual work.  So most nights, homework sits untouched in a pile while I watch Netflix.  Maybe I’ll get around to it later… just one more episode.

The plague of senioritis starts early and never goes away.  For me, from the moment I first stepped foot in the school, I could not wait to graduate.  At first, senioritis is just simple laziness, “Oh I can take a break now.  I’ve worked for an entire hour.”  By the end of junior year it’s 30 minute breaks for every 15 minutes of work.  And by senior year, it’s just flat out denial and procrastination, with nothing being achieved.

Even with the challenges of school, there still comes a time when a student is just done.  Tired of all the homework, all-nighters, stress, and lack of social life.  When your mental health is at stake, it’s probably okay to take a random day off.  However, we can’t let that turn into multiple missed days, or risk forfeiting our ability to graduate.  Even if it may seem that our prospects would be better if we just quit and started a multi-billion dollar company (would that actually work though?), we only have to wait months until our days of torture in the trap that is high school are over.

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