Ending on a high note

For the last time, the band and Vision seniors performed their marching show ‘Juliet Letters’


Taken by VHS Band Photographers

Band and Vision holding their last pose of part three

Arabella Villarroel, Staff Reporter

For the last time, the seniors walked out onto the field, ready to perform their final show. The band prepared to give ‘Juliet Letters’ a final goodbye. 

From Nov. 5-9, the band and Vision Dance Company were in San Antonio. They competed at Bands of America Super Regional Competition, and UIL State competition. 

“My favorite part of the whole thing was right before we went on for finals,” senior and Vision dancer Kassy Payne said. “Feeling the adrenaline and looking at everyone around me and seeing how excited they were to perform.”

The seniors put countless hours of work into the program, many since their freshman year. For them, this win was the perfect way to end their band career. 

“As a senior that last show meant a lot since it would be the last one of my high school career,” Roberts said. “As a band we have dedicated so much of our lives towards creating a great show, so getting to present our work in front of a huge audience was an amazing feeling.”

After many rehearsals and 4 performances in the Alamodome, the band placed second at the Bands of America Super Regional, and were Silver Medal Finalists at the UIL State competition. 

“When we finished the last note [of the final performance] I couldn’t help but get emotional,” Drum Major Larson Roberts said. “t was the accumulation of hundreds of hours of hard work.”

After coming off of the field for the last time, emotions were running high for all the seniors.

“The scariest part was the feeling afterwards,” senior and Vision dancer Joy King said. “I felt like I was losing my childhood, after this I have to go to college. The scariest part was realizing that I was growing up.”

As the band and Vision dance company transitions into their spring agenda, many seniors reflect on their band experience. 

“I’ll never forget the last bus ride home and looking at old photos from the same trip freshman year,” Payne said. “And after my last performance I felt like I had done everything that I could, and taken all my best memories over the last 4 years and left it all out on the field.”