Round two

PALS chooses next year’s officers


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This March PALS chose their student officers for next year, including juniors Kiyan Alrobaire and Maya Gabbi.

Katie McClellan, Co-editor

When Peer Assistance Leadership and Service began its officer application process early in March, juniors Maya Gabbi and Kiyan Alrobaire jumped at the opportunity. 

“I really wanted to try out for an officer position because PALS is all about leadership and service and I wanted the opportunity to be able to serve the community more but also serve and guide other PALS in doing so,” Alrobaire said.

The application includes a written questionnaire and an in person interview with current officers that were finished on April 1.

“Both of these you spend a lot of time on, because they want to ensure you are the best fit for the position you apply for,” Gabbi said. “I want to be an officer because PALS has made me feel like I have a family at school and I want to benefit other incoming PALS in the same way.”

 Both components require a demonstration of leadership material and the desire to serve others.

“I really like the written part because there was a lot I wanted to say and I felt like it was a good way of getting my ideas across,” Alrobaire said. “Lastly, I think PALS is already a great program and the officers and Mrs. Freund have done a great job this year navigating us through COVID-19.”

Alrobaire applied for the treasurer position and Gabbi applied for the vice president position. Both were accepted after being voted on by classmates and receiving the final verdict from PALS teacher Laura Freund. Fellow juniors Asher Muller and Kate Denning have been appointed president and secretary respectively. 

“It feels really good to have my hard work pay off and it feels good to know that something I’ve always looked forward to has come true,” Gabbi said. “I have a few ideas [for next year], but I plan on working with our other board members to make this next year for PALS awesome!”

Gabbi will work alongside Alrobaire next year, who has also been brainstorming ideas to improve the club next year. He said one of his favorite ideas from this year was combining some of their campus-based service opportunities to create an activity for PALS members to connect with one another and give back to VHS teachers.

“It feels super exciting [knowing I will be Treasurer],” Alrobaire said. “I’m really glad I’m able to help and make a difference in PALS next year!”