VHS French Students Excel in Competition

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

In March, VHS French students showed off their skills while competing in the National French Contest or “Le Grand Concours,” here on campus. The students who competed were required to take a test after school that covered reading, grammar, and listening comprehension.

 “Participating in this competition allowed me to better develop my French and see how I compare to others at a similar level of learning,” French III  student Ruchika Mitbander said.

Out of the 42 VHS students who competed, 22 placed in the top 30 percent nationwide, with eight students in the top 20 percent and one in the top 10 percent.

“I am very proud of my achievement and feel so honored to have placed in the top 30 percent” French III student Nicoll Gutierrez said. “I’m so happy I got the opportunity to take it”

Below is a list of the Vandegrift students who placed in the competition:

Students who placed in top 30 percent nation-wide:

  • Alex Iacobucci
  • Austin Rhea
  • Zach Burky
  • Erik Legg
  • Johnny Morreale
  • Arabella Olson
  • Sahar Rashed
  • Sarah Robertson
  • Dana Brannon
  • Nicoll Gutierrez


Students who placed in top 20 percent nationwide:

  • Yamile Morales-Burnett
  • Alison Chapman
  • Alessandro Houshmand
  • Taara Clarke
  • Daniel Cramer
  • Ruchika Mitbander
  • Jorge Morales-Burnett


Student who placed in top 10 percent nationwide:

  • Miguel Rios 


 “I feel justified that I have done my job in the classroom,” said French teacher Mrs. Simon “and being so passionate about the language, it makes me happy that others feel the same.”