C2 plans lock-in, student led spring conference

Hayley Walz, Staff Writer

Next Thursday C2 will be have its first ever lock-in. With the assistance of guest speaker Mike Donahue in both group and small break-out sessions, members will learn different ways to better themselves and their campus. Following that, C2 will be hosting a short assembly with Donahue. In order to participate in the lock-in, students must be an official member of C2 and also must keep up with their attendance to the weekly C2 meetings.

“The goal is to take steps towards making Vandegrift a more comfortable place for people to be themselves,” senior member of C2 Sean Sullivan said.

Though C2 is a new club to Vandegrift High School, its welcoming, warm-spirited vibe has had an effect on the atmosphere. With a bold focus on the end to bullying and exclusive behavior on and off campus, the club presents a come-as-you-are kind of place for students of all kinds to let loose every Friday during PIT.

“I see now that there is an awareness that something needs to change in our hallways, on the school busses and even in some classes,” C2 co-sponsor Amy Gallagher said.

As far as the future of C2, we can expect many great things. After attending the Fall Forum at Leander High School, C2 will host their own Spring Forum on April 12 that will include hundreds of C2 children in grades 5-12 from schools across the district. It will be an all-day event and completely student-led. As for next year, members are expected to continue attending forums and continuing traditions that began this year, such as the lock-in and the Week of Giving.

“It’s bold, it’s huge, and we really don’t expect it to change overnight. we’ve done some pretty big things already and it’s just its first year, so we anticipate it growing and getting bigger and hopefully really making an impact on our campus,” assistant principal Tiffany Phelps said.