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Sophomore reflects on years in BBYO

Peleg sings at a karaoke event for

Peleg sings at a karaoke event for "Spring MIT Pickup 2018"

Peleg sings at a karaoke event for "Spring MIT Pickup 2018"

Priya Gregerson, Staff Reporter

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We all have something that we are a part of- people we call our second family. Sophomore Peleg Katz is a part of a global Jewish youth organization called B’nai B’rith Youth Organization. BBYO has more than 600 chapters located around parts of North America.

“I wanted a place where I could fit in with my Jewish identity and I could find people that were like me and wanted the same things,” Katz said. “I found so many friends along the way, I really found a place where I fit in.”

Peleg’s role is Mit Mom. This means that she’s vice president of programming, recruitment and eighth graders.

“I find people at school that are Jewish that might be wanting to join BBYO, I talk to people that are on the prospect list, I reach out to other people’s friends to see if they want to join too,” Katz said. “I slowly start inviting them to more events and meetings and hopefully they’ll get signed up and become a member and a part of our chapter.”

With a tightly packed schedule, Peleg finds herself working on BBYO things during school.

“I tend to work on a lot of things at school,” Katz said. “Sometimes I write programs in class and call parents throughout the day to see if their kids can come to an event.”

During meetings, members have opening rituals, talk about their goals and how everything is going, everyone’s responsibilities, upcoming events, recruiting more members and getting more prospects.

“To me, BBYO is like a place of escape where I can see all of my friends and get away from school,” Katz said. “I can plan programs and be with the people that I love and see three times a week anyway, it’s just a really good time.”

In February, BBYO is having an international convention in Denver, Colo. Peleg has attended two conventions so far. She’s planning on attending the international convention.

“Our conventions are super fun,” Katz said. “At the last convention I actually met my boyfriend and all of my best friends. We always have so much fun together and now I visit there once a month because I just miss them so much.”

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  1. Grandpa Ken on October 18th, 2018 1:32 pm

    Great article—well crafted and thoughtful
    About a student who is growing up well grounded. She will go far and so will you!

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Sophomore reflects on years in BBYO