Q&A: Juniors start Christian club at Vandegrift


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Juniors Jennifer Zheng and Dayna Ung host the first VHS Christian club meeting.

Dayna Ung, Staff Reporter

Why did you decide to start a Christian Club in Vandegrift?

My friend and I decided to start VHS Christians because we both agree that this school really needs it. Like, as a Christian, we want to be able to reach out to others and share something that brings us so much joy. We also want to create a safe place for other Christians who need a community to support each other.

What are your goals for this club?

We really want to create a place where Christians can connect with each other and know that they’re not alone. But we also want to reach out to the general student body and change any negative perspectives on what Christianity is about. And also to just spread the love of God in everything we do.

What is your overall vision?

I really want this club to be a light for Vandegrift. We will probably start small. We have about 16 people signed up so far, but eventually we hope to grow beyond that. The overall vision is to just grow in Christ and make the club open enough for people who are just curious about what we believe in or what we stand for.

What do you hope to accomplish this school year?

For this year, we will be more focused on establishing a system that works for everyone. I know it will be hard since there’s a bunch of other clubs that meet on Wednesdays during PIT and we might have wavering commitment, but we aren’t worried about that because we trust that our God will provide a way for us as a club. In a more general view, we want to vote in a few officer positions to take the load off of my friend, Dayna, and I and also create T-shirts for the club.

Who has supported you throughout this process?

Obviously, Dayna is one of the people who has been with me. She and I are co-founders, and it was actually her idea to start this club, so we have been working really hard together to organize the whole thing and prepare for the first meeting. But Mrs. Nassar and Mrs. Freund have been so supportive to us throughout the process as Mrs. Nassar has helped us find a teacher sponsor and Mrs. Freund has agreed to be our sponsor. I really admire that they were both willing to help us turn this idea into a reality.