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Bollywood Returns to Vandegrift

Cady Grace Wynn and Sumerlyn Yudell

September 27, 2018

Dance. A form of art in which one's emotions can be expressed and channeled through the movement of the body. A deep passion unlike any other. Dance fills the gap between contradictions and doubt creating a unified front; all i...

Juniors start Rake the Lake club

Natalie Brink, News Editor

September 24, 2018

To help clean up Austin’s lakes, juniors Codi Farmer, Ishika Puri and Natasha Richtermeyer started the Rake the Lake club, which meets in Erin Mathis’ room Friday during PIT after the football season ends. The community serv...

C2 kicks off another year

C2 kicks off another year

September 19, 2018

District launches new Student Voice project

Claire Lawrence, Staff Reporter

September 16, 2018

Starting this year, Superintendent Dan Troxell, Ph.D and other Leander ISD administrators created a new writing outlet for students called “Student Voice.” Each month, the district will post a prompt, and students are enco...

INCubator begins first year

INCubator begins first year

September 4, 2018

Vandegrift introduces 2019 student section leaders

Hallie Locke, Social Media

August 30, 2018

All student section eyes will be on seniors Peyton Klam, Andrew Pena and Maicol Salazar tomorrow as they lead the student section at the game against Cedar Park. “This year we can’t wait to get the crowd hype,” senior...

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