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Mr. Simpson

Lanie Malone, Staff Reporter

February 13, 2018

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Being raised in a family of accountants, land-men and nurses, I never had actual dreams about writing professionally. When I was younger I wrote like some kids watched TV. I enjoyed it so much that I would scribe pages on pages o...

What all the fuss over HQ is really about

Chloe Strader, Staff Reporter

January 29, 2018

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HQ is taking over Vandy at an alarming rate. With the majority of students tuning in during their 3rd or 7th period block from 2p.m. to usually 2:15pm. There is another game at 8:00p.m. HQ has quickly spread through our halls and in...

Christmas cookie recipes

Megan Messer and Elena Aventa

December 12, 2017

Filed under Lifestyles

Oh my gosh, Christmas is coming (can you tell we’re excited)? Get ready for this holiday season with these simple but delicious Christmas cookies. These recipes are fun for the whole family and will leave you feeling satisfie...

How to get involved during the holiday season

Blakely Dimiero and Lily Beth Kerr

November 13, 2017

Filed under Lifestyles

As we all know, the holiday season is quickly approaching and along with the gifts and much needed break from school, there comes many opportunities to become involved and give back to others in your community. Organizatio...

Dealing with conflicting schedules

Claire Lawrence, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2017

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I’ve noticed throughout the four years I’ve been in theatre that every time a show or musical rolls around, my grades crash. Keeping up with the endless hours we spend rehearsing along with the countless hours of homework...

Oh, the places I’ll work

Lanie Malone, Staff Reporter

October 27, 2017

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Everyone has experienced the wrenching feeling of not having enough money to go through the Taco Bell drive-thru on your way home from school. It’s a heart-breaking experience that leaves one scarred for days. Maybe you get $...

Things to do in Austin at the start of summer

Jennifer Walker, Staff Reporter

May 25, 2017

Filed under Lifestyles

It’s Summer! Wait-almost summer. I’m starting to plan out the beginning of my summer, and I wanted to share a few ideas of things to do with my classmates. Here’s a few events going on in Austin right after we get out o...

Summer Bucket List

kate schulte and lane williard

May 24, 2017

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Have a picnic with friends. There are many places around Austin that would make for a perfect picnic. For example, Zilker Park, a neighborhood park, or even your own backyard! Go to Barton Springs Pool. Barton Springs is...

AP testing tips for students with anxiety

Caitlin McKeand, Staff Reporter

April 28, 2017

Filed under Lifestyles

For those of us who suffer from anxiety and panic, AP exam week is a bundle of just about everything we don’t want. We all have certain things that will cause grievance, whether it’s the silent room, the possibility of your ...

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