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Oh, the places I’ll work

Lanie Malone, Staff Reporter

October 27, 2017

Everyone has experienced the wrenching feeling of not having enough money to go through the Taco Bell drive-thru on your way home from school. It’s a heart-breaking experience that leaves one scarred for days. Maybe you get $...

Restaurant Review: Maggiano’s Little Italy

Alaina Galasso, Editor-In-Chief

February 20, 2016

As an Italian, I am often searching for restaurants that come as close to the heavenly tastes of Italy as possible. When I was in Italy, I spent each day devouring fresh meats and cheeses, thin crusted pizza and perfectly ble...

Restaurant Review: Napa Flats

Kate Murphy, Staff Writer

January 27, 2016

A new restaurant has opened in the Four Points area. Napa Flats is an Italian wood fire pizza kitchen that is located on 620 near Redfin Seafood Kitchen. I went to Napa Flats this past weekend and I really enjoyed it. The se...

Restaurant review: Jeffrey’s

Madison smith, Staff writer

June 4, 2015

Jeffrey’s is the sister restaurant to Josephine House of Clarksville, which was also recently reviewed by Kelly Rosenblatt. Jeffrey’s is definitely an upscale restaurant with high prices and fancy decor, but the food was equal...

Fonda San Miguel Restaurant Review

Maria Krychniak, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

Fonda San Miguel is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Austin and this week it was voted restaurant of the week by Do512. Fonda San Miguel, in the Shoal Creek area, serves up authentic Mexican cuisine in an old fashioned...

Restaurant review: Josephine House of Clarksville

Kelly Rosenblatt, Editor-In-Chief

May 1, 2015

The sister restaurant to Jeffrey’s, Josephine House of Clarksville is located at the corner of Waterston Avenue and West Lynn Street. Surrounded by adorable nurseries and quietly quirky small businesses, it only makes sense...

Resturant Review: El Naranjo

Sessen Stephanos, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

January 30, 2015

Sitting in the middle of Rainey Street, El Naranjo is a beautiful and vibrant restaurant, with a unique menu and a prime location to have a nice brunch or dinner. The first thing that surprised me the most about El Naranjo...

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